Scientific areas

Since 1985 following scientific areas are developed:

pharmaceutical education; focused search of biologically active substances (BAS); technologies and systems of organism resistance to environmental factors and internal diseases increasing;synthesis, identification, physico-chemical properties and reactivity studying, descriptor and statistical prognostication, computer simulation and analysis of BAS and drugs; development of original drugs of different pharmacological groups (substances, dosage forms creation, their standardization and organization of complex preclinical and clinical testing, registration, manufacture); determination of the kinetics, mechanisms of peroxoacidic oxydation and perhydrolysis of esters and amides;development of nitrogen and sulphuric compounds assay by methods of peroxoacidimetry; development of kinetic (chemiluminesce) methods of drugs and BAS analysis; development of chemical and biosensor test systems of toxicants (heavy metals, phosphorus pesticides, heptyl, etc.) and chemical remedies analysis and their disposal; theory and practice of Computer Resonance Energy Systems diagnosis and treatment of diseases with unknown etiology that are considered to be incurable using.

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