Department provides the teaching of physical and colloid chemistry as fundamental discipline that finishes preparation on general chemistry. This course is a theoretical basement of several special disciplines, in particular pharmaceutical chemistry, chemistry of natural compounds, technology of drugs, technology of perfume and cosmetics, biotechnology, etc.
Selective course “Sorbents of medical use” is recommended to students that want to study intensively physico-chemical bases of sorption processes and physico-chemical properties of sorbents and their application in medical practice.
Staff of department pay a great attention to educational and methodological work, especially:
– creation of profiling educational materials including electronic media;
– preparation of methodological materials for distance course;
– introduction of multimedia technologies into teaching process, etc.
Direction of scientific and scientific-methodological researches are traditionally connected with questions of pharmaceutical science and technology and pharmaceutical education.
The preparation of educational research staff for postgraduates and doctorates on the specialty “15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy” is provided on the department.
The best students have possibility to study in SSS.
According to the order No. 532 from 23.08.2011 y. of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine the department has status of a supporting one for the Specialty “7.12020103 Technology of pharmaceutical substances” direction “Pharmacy”.

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